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Larry Nalley

Larry Nalley
Country Fest 2001
Waukesha, WI
09 Jun 2001

Name:  Larry

Instrument:  Steel Guitar

Hometown:  Greenville, SC

Years in the Music Business:   25

What Other Artist Have You Worked For?
Lonzo and Ocsar of the Grand Ole Opry and Aaron Tippin......but my favorite artist will always be Aaron Tippin

Who Are Your Musical Influences?
Ray Price, Bob Wills, Merle Haggard, Connie Smith, Jones, Gene Watson, Wilburn Brothers

Steel Guitarists Who Have Influenced Me?
Buddy Emmons, Jimmy Day, Lloyd Green, Weldon Mirick, Sonny Garrish, Hal Rugg, Paul Franlim, Mike Johnson....but the most influential steel guitar player will always be my friend, Dave Nimmons... He's the player that got me started on steel guitar when I was around 14 years old!  And also, I thank my friends from HOME for letting me play in their bands when I started...Jerry Smith, Dennis Hughey, Ernest Havry and countless others.

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